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    span>aporrocombinestheclassiciced outprongchain withthe fascinating baguette cut stones as well as our brand aporro logo with extraordinary design consists of a letter a in the form of a bow and arrow, and pronounces same as apollo who»s the god of light, poetry, music, healing, and prophecy. aporro represents our spirit of being brave, determination of creating the best urban jewelry and the ambition of winning your recognition. we sincerely hope to bring you courage, energy and power. this chic and elegant baguettechainis finished with white gold plating and bright cz stones»embellishments. i»m sure you must be the most stylish and attractive with it.

    материал: brasswhite gold plating
    stone type:cubic zirconia stone
    длина: 46cm(45mm), 51cm(48mm)
    ширина: 19mm
    вес: about 232.24g, 252.17g
    clasp length: 24mm/28.8mm
    clasp width:18.5mm/20mm


    Цепочка Веревка 2,5мм 14К позолота
    2 000 РУБ
    Цепочка Франко 2,5мм 14К позолота (разноцветная)
    3 000 РУБ
    Цепочка Веревка 2,5мм 14К позолота серебро 925 проба
    От 8 300 РУБ
    Цепочка Веревка белая позолота 2,5мм серебро 925 проба
    От 8 300 РУБ