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    g.o.a.t collection : in honoring of “the greatest of all time”
    aporro sees goat as our spiritual animal; in greek mythology, apollo is the son of zeus; zeus was nursed by goat, our brand’s name aporro is from the god of art-apollo; we express our thankfulness and respect through our finest craftsmanship to bring this fully iced out g.o.a.t collection to live. goat is also symbolizing confidence, surefootedness and stability, the spirit of always wanting to be on the top, to reach a higher point and become the greatest of all time.

    материал: 925 sterling silver with white gold plating with vvs cz stones
    loop size:it's suitable for chains with 8mm width and below


    Кубинская цепь 19мм Aporro замок багет белая позолота
    От 36 200 РУБ
    Кубинский браслет 19мм Багет белая позолота
    От 18 000 РУБ
    Кубинская цепь 19мм Багет белая позолота
    От 29 900 РУБ
    Кубинский браслет 12мм G.O.A.T. белая позолота
    От 17 300 РУБ